Company Overview

ETIC was incorporated in March 1991 in the state of California as a licensed General Engineering Contractor (Class A and HAZ) and remediation firm. ETIC’s core business was built on contaminated site management through remedial investigation and implementation. ETIC’s first office was located in San Jose, California, and specialized in the decontamination and demolition of hazardous waste facilities in the Silicon Valley. During the late 1990s, ETIC was recognized as a quality remediation design, installation, and maintenance company with an outstanding safety record and was awarded a portfolio of environmental cases from a Fortune 100 Oil Company.

ETIC expanded out of the Silicon Valley by opening additional offices in Northern and Southern California to better serve our broad footprint of projects. As the company continued to grow, ETIC gained a positive reputation for being progressive and utilizing innovative technologies. In the early 2000s, ETIC was awarded a portfolio of sites from a former defense manufacturing company throughout the United States.  ETIC designed and implemented innovative technologies in a sustainable manner to obtain environmental case closure at multiple manufacturing facilities and release millions of dollars from escrow accounts for our clients.

In the mid-2000s, ETIC entered the utility sector with a commitment to deliver sustainable solutions for environmental remediation and compliance. As a California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) diverse supplier, ETIC now serves multiple major utility companies in the state of California.  Recognized for our strong programmatic approach, ETIC has successfully completed hundreds of compliance projects for the utility companies since 2007. In 2011, ETIC expanded our construction, field service and engineering services to better serve our clients. ETIC offers design build services for heavy civil projects from soil stabilization to infrastructure upgrades.

ETIC’s staff of qualified personnel include: Professional geologists, hydrogeologists, civil engineers, biologists, technicians, and construction personnel. Qualified Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Developers (QSDs), Qualified Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Practitioners (QSPs), and Qualified Industrial Storm Water Practitioners (QISPs).