To be a fiscally responsible company, to exceed client expectations, to promote professional staff who are appreciated and accountable for ethical conduct, to foster a safety culture for our employees and our teaming partners, to effectuate a quality of life, and to explore and seize opportunities for sustainable growth.


ETIC has been built on transparency, accountability, quality, social responsibility, sustainability, and safety.  Through our business practices we strive to:

Be transparent internally and to our clients.
Be accountable to everyone for every task.
Provide quality work products as we’re only as good as our last effort.
Show social responsibility by being actively involved in our communities.
Be committed to our environment and safeguarding our environmental legacy.
Create a healthy and safe work environment for all.

Health and Safety

Safety is part of who we are and how we think. Safety is incorporated in our daily lives; at home and at work. We instill good attitudes toward safety in others; our families; our co-workers; our friends. Everyone deserves a safe place to live.