Shell Pond and Carbon Black Area Environmental Compliance




Project Details

The Shell Pond and Carbon Black Area Project includes the remediation of a 72-acre former industrial waste pond and 22- acre former industrial waste disposal Carbon Black Area.  The project site is a mix of open water habitat, tidal marsh sloughs, seasonal wetlands, and ruderal upland areas.  In 2011, excavation and dredging activities commenced as part of the remedial work plan. Construction activities were halted 2012 after public health concerns were identified.  ETIC has maintained compliance with environmental requirements before, during, and after construction shutdown.

Our Approach

ETIC is currently providing turnkey environmental compliance services including storm water pollution prevention, biological monitoring, air quality monitoring, water quality sampling, feasibility study, and phytoremediation support.

ETIC prepared and is maintaining the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), prepared permitting documentation, prepared and is performing SWPPP training for project personnel and contractors, and is performing SWPPP compliance inspections and monitoring. In addition, ETIC installed and is maintaining best management practices (BMPs) and has dewatered areas of accumulated storm water at the site.

Several species and/or habitats of concern or located within a 1-mile radius of the project boundary including Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse, Burrowing Owl, California Black Rail, California Clapper Rail, Killdeer, Western Pond Turtles, Red-winged Black Bird, and Suisun Song Sparrow.  ETIC has provided biological monitors to clear all work zones, escort workers onsite, and conduct sensitive environmental awareness training.  In addition, ETIC’s biologists have maintained compliance with the requirements set forth in the California Endangered Species Act.

After construction activities ceased, ETIC was tasked with conducting all air and water quality sampling and monitoring in addition to supporting alternative remediation options.  ETIC has conducted a feasibility study and pilot test for phytoremediation that included planting and analysis of phytoremediation plots.  This work is still being conducted.

Client: Major Utility Company Governed By the California Public Utilities Commission
Location: Bay Point, California
Duration of Project: 2011- Present

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention
  • Biological Compliance
  • Air Quality
  • Water Quality
  • Phytoremediation