Project Details

ETIC’s turn-key services include shoring engineering to complement our Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study and Field Services Groups. In California, shoring plans are required for any excavation 5 feet or deeper.  ETIC has been tasked with engineering shoring systems that are both safe and practical and align with our clients’ goals.  ETIC successfully designs multiple shoring systems that have met project challenges such as noise, vibration, space, and environmental (e.g., biological) restraints.  In addition, ETIC designs each shoring system to be the most practical and cost-effective solution.

Our Approach

ETIC has extensive knowledge of all shoring systems and manufacturers to provide clients with an engineered solution for temporary soil retaining walls and trench shoring. ETIC prides ourselves on understanding the project’s objectives to design a shoring solution that works specifically for each project as no two projects are alike.

Client: Various
Location:California (statewide)

  • Soil Classifications
  • Calculations
  • Shoring Design