South of Birds Landing 30 kV Transmission Line Reconductor Project




Project Details

The South of Birds Landing 230 kV Transmission Line Reconductoring Project was needed to accommodate wind energy facilities in the Montezuma Hills in Solano County and involved the reconductoring of 11 miles of 230 kV transmission line. The majority of the project spanned an area predominately used as dry-land wheat farming and livestock grazing (sheep). The northern portion of the project is located in the northwestern portion of the Collinsville – Montezuma Hills Wind Resource Area. The southern portion of the project is adjacent to the Antioch Dunes National Wildlife Refuge and spans residential, industrial, and agricultural portions of Antioch.

Our Approach

ETIC storm water professionals prepared, maintained, and amended the project SWPPP and performed the SWPPP compliance inspections and monitoring throughout the duration of the construction activities. ETIC construction personnel installed, maintained, and repaired the recommended Storm Water Pollution Prevention and biological protection BMPs, which included tracking control, S-Fence for sedimentation concerns, E-Fencing for biological controls (endangered species protection), and jute netting, and hydroseeding using indigenous seed species.

The project was performed in compliance with the requirements set forth in the following permits:

  • California Environmental Quality Act – Final Environmental Impact Report
  • State Water Resources Control Board – General Permit for Storm Water Discharges Associated with Construction Activity
  • Approved by the California Public Utilities Commission

The species and habitats of concern on the project included the:

  • California tiger salamander
  • Vernal pools
  • Seasonal wetlands

The SWPPP routine site inspections included before, during, and after precipitation events to monitor BMPs and document any storm water concerns.  Recommendations for BMP repair and/or maintenance were recorded and ETIC construction personnel performed the necessary BMP maintenance and/or repairs.  ETIC storm water professionals submitted and received site closure from the Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Client: Major Utility Company Governed By the California Public Utilities Commission
Location: Solano, Sacramento, and Contra Costa Counties, California
Duration of Project: 2009 – 2011

  • Storm Water Compliance
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Best Management Practice
  • Site Restoration