Surface Impoundment Ponds 6 & 7 Hinkley Compressor Station





Project Details

Our client operates a natural gas compressor station in Hinkley as part of its natural gas transmission pipeline.  The compressor station utilizes surface impoundments for the evaporation of wastewater. The three existing surface impoundments did not provide sufficient evaporative capacity for proper operation of the compressor station during the winter months.  Our client was approved to add two surface impoundments that will supplement the evaporative capacity and will allow for maintenance of the existing surface impoundments.

Our Approach

ETIC was responsible for the construction of the two new surface impoundments, Ponds 6R and 7R, built in the footprints of former Ponds 6 and 7 that were clean-closed in 1996. ETIC’s construction activities for the new surface impoundments consisted of excavation, installation of high density polyethylene (HDPE) liners; waste disposal; backfill and compaction; and site restoration.  In addition, ETIC installed new electrical conduit and other structures required for upgrading the telemetry system for the new and existing ponds.

Benefits & Value

ETIC proposed a design/specification change that was based on changed field conditions which eliminated soil backfilling efforts on the pond side slopes.  The proposed changed was implemented and resulted in a significant cost savings.

Client: Major Utility Client
Location: Hinkley California
Duration of Project: 2013

  • Excavation
  • HDPE Liner Installation
  • Electrical Conduit
  • Backfill
  • Restoration